I specialise in adult and older adult mental health, and offer confidential face-to-face private counselling and psychotherapy in South West London (Balham) and the City of London (Bank).

Who I Am

An experienced, qualified and registered psychodynamic psychotherapist

What I Offer

Help in understanding and resolving a wide range of emotional difficulties

How I Work

With individuals in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space

How Psychotherapy Can Help

Psychotherapy can help people understand and resolve a wide range of emotional difficulties including depression and anxiety; trauma, abuse and bereavement; phobias, addictions and compulsive behaviours; identity, sexuality and problems with relationships.

I practice psychodynamically, which means helping people work through particularly complex and often unexplored issues, problems and fears. In psychodynamic psychotherapy, our past experiences are as important as our present ones. Our early lives – especially our childhood and relationships with our parents and family – shape our personalities, our way of thinking and behaving, and how we relate to other people.

Sometimes those thoughts, feelings and patterns which start early can cause problems later on, and this is where therapy can help.

Powerful feelings such as sadness, anger, self-hatred, emptiness, loneliness and worthlessness can be disturbing. My aim is to help you achieve a new and healthier perspective by better understanding the connection between your past and your present, by highlighting the origins of your problems and by making better sense of who you are and why you’ve been feeling the way you do.

If you think I might be able to help?

Please do get in touch